Meet Ripley...and how she truly lives up to her name!


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May 6, 2010
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Everyone has called this one ALIEN EYES ever since her arrival! Well... four days ago my daughter named 'her' Ripley! Two days ago...she proved her right to that name. Any ALIEN fan would know Ripley spent a considerable amount of time in Cryochambers! I was rushing to take off for work...and counted all the babies. As I collected them...she scampered off...without me noticing! When I put them out the next morning...yesterday...I was one short! I looked and found her in her favorite spot...and she was an ice cube! It was 17ºF over night! I did EVERYTHING I could to revive her...and hour later she stretched out her neck and legs! I soaked her in warm water under an MVB for about an hour. She took all day and all night to fully recover. This morning...she was eating! A TRUE SURVIVOR! HUGE lesson learned! She also has her OWN chamber...which is white...same as the freezerinos in ALIEN! IMG_5799.JPG

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