Missed 3 Eagles....ok, Duck day at the Nook

jeff kushner

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Jul 24, 2020
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North of Annapolis
Not very good pics today...only my phone....

Kerry and I scootered to the water last night....only one bird left in the Osprey nest.....was hard to see without a lens or binoculars but he sure looked old enough to fledge and one was in a nearby tree. Mom or dad would come along, circle the nest but stop a ways away on a tree.....tough love time?

This morning before I left, we took a nice walk to the water and as we stepped onto the dock, we saw THREE Bald Eagles 25' above the water. One had just picked up a fish but no way to get the phone camera ready....It was cool though! Counting from our side @ land, he's directly above piling #12 , on the opposite side of the lagoon in a tree 10' above the water....eating his fish.

Then we saw lots of ducks, hey usually don't come here in numbers more than 2 or so.....it was very nice.......I came back across the Bay bridge at 11:30AM to come home and no traffic. Also, there were only 5 ships at anchor South of the bridge...for the past 6-8 months, there have been over a dozen. Just an observation.

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