Morning from Md. Meet Rosey...short for Roosevelt.


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Nov 8, 2019
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Snow Hill, Md.
This is my little buddy Rosey. He was my 51 birthday present. I have always been a friend to turtles when I find them. Usually the Eastern box on or crossing busy roads. I saw this guy in the store all covered in red wood dust and rescued him. He wasn't responding to people so they were marking him down for the last time. I went around his fish tank. That was filled with wood chips and tapped on the glass. He opened his eyes and I talked through the glass. He blinked at me and chuffed a few times. Then when I went around the enclosure the staff member who came to warn me away was shocked when Rosey trucked full speed out of that hole and stood up there to get me to feed him. He ran away from them so that tells ya something. But he is very cool and I am doing my research so I can take good care of him. Rosey21.jpg