My Solar Raptor findings


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Oct 29, 2013
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Update from Post-

Solar Raptor System review so far….
I had asked for advice for my 10 yr old rescue with mbd, on the best uv bulb I could get. He had started to decline & stopped using his back legs a few weeks back. I have only had him since late Oct & live in Frozen OHIO.

Tom recommended the Solar Raptor system, which I purchased from "Reptile Outpost"

On 1-25 I put in a new Power sun thinking my 3 month old bulb might be bad. Put that in his basking area next to his hide & che.
Received the Solar Raptor system 1-29 & installed. Took Power Sun and moved to an additional basking area on the far side of his habitat. He still has a humid hide, a cooler are (75 ish), & now two basking areas, one by his hide where he spends all of his time (where the Solar is now)
Also added a middle florescent fixture to lighten up the entire habitat, it was pretty dark before.
All fixtures are on a timer coming on at 7am & off at 10 pm. His Che is on all the time & we have steady temps under it at 110 now.
Humidifier was also added & we have about 70% in there now. Its on a timer to run every hr.
Took him to the vet on 1-27 & blood work came back all good.

Findings (so far)…
Harley is using his legs more consistently in the past few days, not all the time, but more than not. He is standing up in the back & stretching (looks like he is doing reverse pushups) He is also walking around the tub now on his daily soaks. I have found him now three times in the middle of his tank & he has not moved to any part of it but basking & hide for over four weeks.
His appetite has increased in the past three days significantly & he has even gone for some of the grass growing in his table.
Have been making him blended meals of spring mix, hay, Mazuri for the past week trying to get him to eat anything, now he seems to be actually wanting to eat greens again. I cut back on Mazuri today & increased grass, hay, & other greens & he ate well!

So to conclude this lengthy explanation- So far I am very pleased with the Solar Raptor, I still need to get a uv meter, but his improvements tell me so far its working better then what we had. All could be coincidence for the timing, but I absolutely do believe that the system was worth every cent at this point. Time will tell.
Thanks all that have helped & given advice.
Will update in a week or so.


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Aug 28, 2007
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Everything just sounds so wonderful! I was really worried about Harley and know you were too. This has just made my day!! *doing a happy dance*


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Feb 25, 2011
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Fantastic news. The Solar Raptor was mentioned on another post and it sounds like it has great potential, as far as putting out decent UVB.


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