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Dec 9, 2012
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Hi all.

So I have an issue on my hands. I hope I don't get attacked for this one. I have a sweet baby leopard. He (nearly sure it's a he) will be a year in July. This past year, I have had a great enclosure set up for him. He's been in a clear container with a lid and a hole cut into it with scratch metal over the hole to place his lamp over for ventilation. MVP during daytime and CHE for nighttime heat. 90-102 or so daytime temp and 82-87 nighttime temp. Daily 15min soak. Collards, mustards, kale, spring mix, etc. Eco earth or peat moss for substrate and a hide. I'll attach a photo from a few months ago.

Ok! Here's my dilemma. I am getting married July 18th and moving further south from San Antonio, Texas to Corpus Christi, TX because I will be starting classes at Texas A&M Corpus Christi. My then husband and I are going to be moving into a fully furnished all bills paid apartment that works with the campus for our first year as newly weds. It's a 779sq ft apartment with a decent size patio. We plan to rent or even own a home for our second year of marriage but jjst cannot afford to do so our first year. Therefore, we cannot provide Phoenix with an outdoor enclosure for another year. We have always taken very good care of him and will still have plenty of space for him. I hope I'm not attacked too badly here. I'm only hoping for suggestions on how to build a big enough enclosure for a yearling Leo tort to grow into comfortably enough for another year. Have any of you done this? Do you have any photos or examples of what you have come up with? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

*he does have a hide now & has for a very long time

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