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Jul 24, 2022
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I just picked up Littlefoot the other day and he is the first tortoise I have had. He didn't come with any information. I attached some pictures if anyone could let me know if he looks healthy and possibly age/gender. I just measured him and he is right at 4 inches.

I currently have him in a 50-gallon terrarium heated by a 100w CHE. The warmer side fluctuates from low 90s to high 80s while the cooler side is low 80s to high 70s.

I have been struggling with maintaining the humidity. The warmer side keeps falling to 50-60% while the cooler side with the water bowl is around 70-80%.

I have been misting him and the substrate and putting warm water in the corners. However, it drops to the above numbers in a few hours. I've read you shouldn't saturate the substrate, but it seems rather dry unless I really go crazy. I did have plexiglass cut to cover the mesh top but I can't cover the parts with the UVB light or heater.

Is the 50 gallon terrarium OK for him at his size? It was the biggest terrarium I could find from most places. I live in a 2 bedroom apartment and he is currently in my guestroom/office.

I do have a 7.5 x 7.5 foot balcony that I am looking to maybe get a 6x2x2 stock tank to make into an enclosure. Right now I am trying to figure out how quickly he will grow and the size of enclosure he will need in the next few years depending on growth.

I appreciate any insight and advice you can provide!


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Jul 16, 2014
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The 50/55 gallon aquarium is already too small.
The temperature is all over the place and you're having difficulty with humidity.
Can you post photos of your lighting? What is your uvb source?
What is on top of that aquarium? What kind of lid?
With more information I (we) can better help you achieve the parameters that you need.