New Baby Sulcata Owner


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Oct 26, 2019
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Virginia USA
I just bought a baby sulcata almost 4 days ago. He loves to sleep under his basking light, sleeps alost all day and definitely all night, and digs himself a hole when going to sleep at night rather than going into a hide he has. I have been feeding him Romain and trying to get him to eat " all living things: tortoise diet" but doest really like it as the romain. his shell has been a bit bumpy. its been like that since I got him from Florida. I live in Virginia. the room temperature in my room is low 70's and his basking spot around 90Fs. he does not like the water and i try to soak him for at least 10 mins every day. and today he woke up with red like scales around his eyes and top of the head.. I moved his UVB bulb higher because it was less than 12 inches close to him. im new to tortoise keeping in the cold months. Should I take him to the vet? I'm just worried about his sleeping under the light all day, lumpy shell, and now red scales around his eyes.