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Jul 15, 2019
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...with a 5-6 year old back yard Sulcata(?). Appeared in my fenced in SW Fl. back yard 5-6 years ago and I’ve just let it do its own thing eating mostly (chemical free) St. Augustine, weeds, hibiscus, etc. I’ve never soaked it but we have high humidity and lots of rain. Is it a Sulcata? How bad is the pyramiding? (I just became aware of that term today). It appears to be healthy and eats and grows like crazy especially during the summer months. Any comments about appearance and future care would be greatly appreciated. Sorry about my tortoise/forum ignorance.

88CBB223-54F4-4F6D-BC8D-7D0CCF4FCAA3.jpeg 737D5CF4-15FE-47C0-83B7-852C5C042B2F.jpeg CCAD0432-D592-4639-8805-5D3AFDA4660B.jpeg
CCAD0432-D592-4639-8805-5D3AFDA4660B.jpeg 88CBB223-54F4-4F6D-BC8D-7D0CCF4FCAA3.jpeg 737D5CF4-15FE-47C0-83B7-852C5C042B2F.jpeg
1) 05/2016 on a 6x9” paver. 5.3” shell.
2) 04/2015 with cherry tomato and 1” Queen Palm seed in foreground.
3) 07/15/2019 10” 6 lbs.

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Your sulcata looks great and he's growing nicely, however, you really do need to soak him. Dehydration is deadly for them. Just get a tub he can't climb out of and set him in water that comes up to the middle of his sides. Leave him in there for about 15 minutes. At his size you can probably get away with three or four times a week. And ALWAYS have a waterer in the ground for him to drink whenever he wants to. A large plant saucer sunk down into the ground works well.

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