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May 15, 2021
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I just picked up my baby leopard tortoise on Friday, I’m assuming he is a little over 3 months because I found the post on their Facebook page where they got him in on Feb. 23. I’m concerned because he doesn’t eat to much yet, he is 28 grams. I supply him with grass, dandelion, spring mix, etc. he’s kept in an aquarium right now sealed at the top, it is 94 under the lamp and around 82 through the rest of the aquarium and the humidity stays around 70-80%. I also spray thru the day to keep humidity up. He is soaked in warm water each morning for 20 mins. I’m just worried he’s not eating enough, or is this just normal since he’s so new? Thank you!

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Jul 22, 2014
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Hi and welcome,
Torts don't like change so he could just be getting used to his new home. Just make sure the food and fresh water is available daily and he'll look for it when he's ready.
My leopard doesn't really like grass but there are plenty of weeds he loves.
This is the caresheet that will help you with diet and temps etc if you haven't already found it
If you post some pics of his viv you'll get good feedback to make he has everything he needs to be safe and healthy. is a good guide to tort safe plants for food and enclosures.

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