New to tortoises but getting things going

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I now have discovered so many new things about my tortoise Speed Bump. He is a cute little bundle of interest to me. Not only have I found new discoveries. I got him an appointment at a vet, I also purchased a long clear storage tub which I use for a play pen whilst I watch movies or just hang around the house. I figured since he has just his tank he is in I would make him a little oasis of his own to hang out and lounge around :) I've researched more on foods he can eat and making sure he is healthy. Thanks to Laura I am learning so much and going to ensure he has only the best of life. I took him to my boyfriends house yesterday and let him graze around in the grass. Since he is so tiny I have to watch him but I find it sooo fascinating how they search, roam and eat and just sniff around hehe. Well, I suppose I should do more research on other things. He has been sleeping alot and the weather is very hot outside, I keep the apartment very cool but I am unsure if my little cali desert tortoise is supposed to sleep so much. Is he bored? Idk. Why does he flip himself over constantly when his log is set down to where he can sleep under it? If anyone knows I would surely appreciate any expertise opinions/ideas/knowledge. :)

This is us yesterday before heading home. I love him soo much.


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i love your username on here... how did you do that?? and thanks for the pic. i love DT !!!
yes baby tortoises sleep a lot and yes they do flip a lot. they will grow out of flipping eventually. what are the temperatures in its habitat? can you post a picture of your setup?
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