Jun 23, 2021
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Midlands, UK
Hi I’m new to this so apologies if I’m not posting this correctly!
My names Tamzin, I’m 19, living in the midlands UK and have a 12 year old Horsefield tortoise named Tarquin. I go to uni but come back home pretty regularly to see my pets who live with my parents. Over the past few weeks Tarquin has been seemingly trying to Brumate. The weather over here has quite been hit or miss even though its summer, but when its beautiful and sunny hes outside, and when its not warm enough he comes inside where he has heat and uv lamps. Tarquin has lost all of his appetite, we try so hard to encourage him and we keep him hydrated by bathing him every day. We’ve taken him to the vets who have been syringe feeding him every so often and giving us electrolyte bathing mixtures. They can’t seem to find anything wrong with him at the moment but we are waiting on some blood test results. He’s still very alert and inquisitive when you get him out from burrowing in his bed and hold him (he enjoys sitting on your chest and having head scratches). Can anyone help or give any insight to why my poor baby does’t want to move much or eat anything! Thank you! (attached is Tarquin about 3-4weeks ago which is the last time he seemed his normal self)


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Sep 6, 2011
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It could be the fact that you are putting him inside and outside off and on.
Build a heated night box that he can use outside and leave him out during summer months.
They can do fine in 60F temps anything lower then a heated shed, night box, etc is needed.
I would build one big enough that if he needed to stay in it all day, by his own choice, he would have enough room for water and food dishes.
4x4 should work fine.

Lyn W

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Jul 22, 2014
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Hi and welcome,
Have you checked your temps? Maybe he is too cold.
As you said our weather isn't very stable so he may still need a heat and uvb source.
If you can post some pics of his enclosure then we can see if there's anything that could be affecting him, and also tell us about his bulbs, diet and use of supplements etc.
This is the latest careseet which will help you put things right
There is a lot of old information being passed about but that is the most up to date advice you'll find anywhere.
Read that make any changes you may need to, but ask as many questions as you like.
www.thetortoisetable.org.uk is also a good guide to tort safe foods for variety.
I hope he soon perks up.