Our Greek Adult (near 11 yr old) female has been home with us now for a few days... and I


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Jul 2, 2014
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...Have a few questions. I am new!

* Her nails were a little long prior to bringing her home and that shop owner clipped her nails. He stated how he doesn't usually like doing so. He suggested that I perhaps get a slab of sandstone and place in her enclosure to naturally wear her nails down/control their length. I have not found sandstone yet, but did place a sanitized slab of limestone in there in the interim. Curious about thoughts on this topic, should I search and implement sandstone for this reason?_________

* I have a Power Sun 100 watt bulb hanging 14" over the limestone slab, the temp's (temp gun) at the stone surface are approx. 89-92 deg., when she's on the slab, but she never goes directly beneath, always off to the side slightly... her shell temp is 98-100 deg. The heat seems OK, I just wonder if perhaps the slab is too warm for her underside?_______

* Night time temp's are at 68 deg, 9room temp at steady 70 deg, with humidity at 55-60%. Temp OK for her or too cool?______ Humidity OK?________

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