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Our male Gopherus Agassizzi tries to mate with our shoes!

Discussion in 'North American Tortoises (genus Gopherus)' started by TanksMom, Mar 3, 2018.

  1. William Lee Kohler

    William Lee Kohler Active Member

    Oct 23, 2015
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    Eugene, OR
    What a HANDSOME tortoise you have there and such a wonderful perfect shell:<3:. It seems to me a simple answer to a simple question: Get one or two mates for him:<3::tort:.
  2. TanksMom

    TanksMom New Member

    Sep 24, 2014
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    Sacramento Valley

    Once our boy comes out from hibernating I will update on his behavior and any changes. Tom, that was a lot to absorb, thanks for sharing insights/knowledge.

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  3. Ciri

    Ciri Active Member

    Sep 28, 2014
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    I have had this issue with male box turtles. They are not particular about the type of shoe or slipper, and lack of success in mating with my shoe has not been a deterrent. But thankfully they are small so easier to deal with. Although one I had used to bite my shoe, and when that didn't work he would climb up on the shoe and try to bite my ankle. So I did have to watch out for him! I have noticed that a couple of my male box turtles that I adopted were not well fed. They ate a lot for the first year or two, and were pretty laid-back. Once they were well-nourished, this behavior showed up.

    It sounds like when you moved into the new house he started getting better nutrition and hydration, and so became healthier his aggressive behavior surfaced. I'm sure it's challenging for them to live in captivity. What do they have to do all day? If they were in the wild, they would be hunting for food and doing the normal activities. They likely would not be as well fed. They probably get bored. It's not always easy to have an "easy life!" Like a teenager with time on his hands and nothing to do, why not make a little trouble and see what you can get away with? They are pretty smart creatures.
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