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Outdoor enclosure for Sulcata in New York

Discussion in 'Tortoise Enclosures' started by Joyoungs, Mar 4, 2018.

  1. Joyoungs

    Joyoungs New Member

    Mar 2, 2018
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    New York
    I do not currently own a Sulcata but I have been thinking about it for a couple years now. I understand that they grow quickly so I already have a plan for an indoor enclosure for when it is still a little guy. During the summer I have a large fenced in area perfect for a tortoise. I have a few ideas for a winter outdoor enclosure for when it gets bigger. But I wanted to hear from anyone with ideas or something that they have actually done themselves.

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  2. Turtulas-Len

    Turtulas-Len Well-Known Member 5 Year Member

    Aug 3, 2010
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    Southern Md - Northern Neck Va
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    You will need a sturdy built house that is well insulated (bottom,sides and top) Heat from bottom,(heat mat) and a source of heat to heat the inside air.The house should be big enough to allow the tortoise to get off the heat mat with some room to move around and not feel confined.My sulcatas house is 8x8 ft outside measurements with 6 inch walls and floor. He has an oil filled electric radiator type heater blocked off in one corner with a piece of plywood raised off the floor about 5 inches and is just tall enough so he doesn't try to go over it to allow for good air circulation so the heater works efficiently.He has a 3x4ft Stanfield heat mat in the opposite corner of the oil heater.There is also a CHE hanging from the ceiling about center of the house. I have 2 power sources running to the house just in case one has a problem when it is cold I can use the back up power. I think a generator is also a must when housing any large tortoise in a cold climate. I have 2 just in case one malfunctions. Welcome to the Forum
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  3. SULCY

    SULCY Active Member

    Dec 6, 2017
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