Outdoor temps question


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Sep 7, 2013
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How cold is too cold for taking my Leo hatchlings outside for some sunshine and natural grazing? It's 64 here today with plenty of sunshine. Ground is damp but the grass is dry. It rained yesterday morning. They have a big black tub that is warmer because of the sun beating down on it that is also an outdoor option for them. It already had substrate and hides in it but I'm just wondering about temps and what's safe and what isn't.

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Oct 1, 2012
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Southern Oregon
I took a few of mine outside yesterday when the temps were around that here in SoCal. I used my temp gun to monitor them. They started at about 88F. They happily grazed and once they dropped to 70F (less than 20 min) I brought them in for a warm soak before going back into their chambers.
If the black tub of yours is in the sun, then 10 or 20 min should be fine.
BUT it is also completely ok to not go out at all at those temps. You can wait till the temps are above 70F. If you don't have the ability to monitor their temps or don't want to risk it then just wait for it to get a bit warmer.