Pancake tortoise laid an egg today!


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Jan 16, 2010
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I totally was NOT ready! Had to rush an incubator
Im hoping 2 days in the tortoise shed around 80 degrees will suffice until I get the incubator set up.

one question for any of you out there..... how can I possibly keep track of her egg deposits if she decides to bury them? This one was on top of the ground. But in a realistic naturalistic tortoise table I can’t see in the nooks and crannies where they spend 90% of their time. Sometimes I don’t see the torts for weeks until I take them out to weight them because I’m at work all day. When it is ”weigh day” it could take 30 minutes to find and get the out.
any advice? I thought about using a gopro time lapse each day and review it in the evenings. Maybe catch some action


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