Photographic Needs for Southwest Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation


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Nov 18, 2011
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Photo and Image Needs

The Editors of the SW HMG are seeking excellent photos to use in this PARC Technical Publication, as we prepare to finalize the document prior to printing. For those photos used in the book, photo contributors will be credited alongside their photo as well as in the Acknowledgements. Photos are due by Nov. 15! We especially need the following:

· Species:
o Cave salamanders (especially from Edwards Plateau region of TX)
o Pond-breeder (any or multiple species) breeding frenzy, especially in areas of multiple species in the area with the North American Monsoon. This can be critter pix, views showing several species, and people doing surveys, etc
o Texas thornscrub species of herps
o Turtles, in general
o Non-native fish and/or amphibians in mountain lakes
o Pet herps and/or herp trade shows
o Yellow-bellied Seasnake, preferably in its natural habitat (vs. an aquarium)

· Habitats/species in their habitats:
o Cave salamander habitats (esp. TX species’ habitats)
o Pond chock-full of American Bullfrogs (in western/SW states where non-native)
o Snake hibernacula/emergence
o Texas thornscrub species of herps
o Deciduous forest habitat (e.g., east TX)
o Deciduous woodland habitat
o Wetland habitat
o Marine and estuary habitats (including crayfish traps, surveys, Diamond-backed Terrapins, sea turtle nesting, etc.).

· Activities:
o Sea Turtle Watch, TX. Photos of the watch, Kemp’s Ridley Sea Turtle, nesting/egg-laying, etc
o Rattlesnake or other reptile “Appreciation Festivals” in the Southwestern US
o People doing surveys during a pond-breeder breeding frenzy
o Herp trade shows, people looking at/handling pet herps

· Threats/Issues:
o Herps caught in erosion netting or other mesh netting
o US-Mexican border fence, roads along the US border, and other infrastructure
o Snakebite (could be photo of someone unaware/about to get bitten, a not-too-graphic swollen hand/foot)
o Amphibian/reptile diseases (people swabbing frogs, mass mortality documentation, cleaning boots with a brush and disinfectant, etc.)
o Exploitation, such as a container full of confiscated herps.
o Golf courses (snake on a green or lizard in greenbelt, golf courses that double as reptile habitat – e.g., creosote bush flats)
o Habitat conversion (an ideal shot would depict one side of a fence with natural habitat, the other with development or agriculture, etc.)
o Invasive species (non-native species in Southwestern habitats, e.g., American Bullfrogs or Red-eared Sliders)
o Pesticides (plane spraying overhead, other examples of pesticide application)
o Subsidized predators (e.g., raccoon predating a turtle/lizard nest)
o Timber harvest, or forest restoration
o Water use
o Agriculture or ranching

If you have such photos, DO NOT E-MAIL THEM, but rather send an e-mail without attachments to Larry LC Jones ([email protected]), for further guidance. Or visit for more information.