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Jul 27, 2021
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Hi everyone, I am new here. I will be adopting an 8 month old Sudanese Sulcata this week (first for me). I have read a bunch about them but have a few questions. I live in Houston, Texas and have a 8,000 s.f. backyard with thick, healthy Saint Augustine grass that I have to mow weekly or it is a jungle. It is all fenced in w a new picket fence.

Will an adult sulcata be able to decimate that much grass or do you think the grass will stay green and healthy?

I have over 100 native plants and some garden plants that I have recently planted along the fence, mostly shrubs and wildflowers. Many of my plants are listed as "do not feed" to tortoises, like lantana, goldenrod, trumpet creeper, oak tree, citrus, pomegranate, etc. Do I need to pull them all up or do you think he will just avoid eating them since there is so much grass and other plants to eat? Don't worry, i have a smaller area fenced off for him while he is small.

At what age is it possible to tell a male from female?

Any warnings about owning a sudanese sulcata over a typical one, other than the males get much bigger?

It is very humid in Houston, we get 55 inches of rain annually, and my back yard has sprinklers that come on once every 3 days and soak everything in mist; is this enough water for him or should I also give him a humid hide and a soaking area?



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