Possible shell rot for my Greek tortoise?

Is this shell rot, in your opinion?

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Nov 6, 2019
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Oregon, US
Hey everyone! I'm brand new to the forum and a first-time tortoise owner. This is Carl. I got him as a rescue in a pretty severe circumstance, and I'm struggling to find a competent vet in my area to look him over and make sure he's ok. He's had odd dark spots on his shell for some time now. When I got him, there was a small heart-shaped divot on his shell that appeared to be an injury. It went away in a few months, with proper food and lighting and cleanliness. The problem is, I let my parents look after him for a couple of months and ever since then I've noticed this dark spot that has been growing on his shell. It's been over 6 months now, and I'm getting increasingly concerned. The scutes have begun to separate slightly and every vet is saying it's fine, but I'm feeling like they are not really as knowledgable in tortoise care as they claim. I did some research myself after the 3rd vet claiming he's in good health, and I think it could be shell rot? Does anyone know what seems to be going on? It's only getting worse and I'm worried Carl3.jpg Carl4.jpg Carl4.jpg



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Jul 16, 2014
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That looks like a burn from a heat lamp. That's my guess. But that's all it is. A guess.
Whatever it is, it is not fungus.
And it looks like it is healing.....

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