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Jun 13, 2022
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HELP! Little background: Shelldon is an 11 month old Egyptian Tortoise. I recently started noticing when I soak him (or her) this pinkish/ reddish material is coming from the opening in the tail. This ONLY before he/she goes to the bathroom and it quickly goes back in afterwords. I have not noticed this happening in the enclosure. The longest it’s stayed out was about 3 mins. If I take him/her out of the water, it usually slowly goes back in.
I watched closely today with my phone ready to catch in action. I recited a good video but cannot upload it, so here are some screen shots. After releasing the bowl moment, within seconds it was back in completely and opening in the tail was closed.
I have called a vet, they can’t get him in until late next week. My nervous won’t let me rest, I’m nervous for my baby.
Eating and activity is normal, poops usually every second day, sometimes everyday.
Has anyone seen this before?
Kind advice or input is appreciated 💜


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