Proteins i can feed my Redfoot Tortoise.

May 30, 2021
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Hello! I currently own my Redfoot tortoise Hawk, I need some ideas on some proteins I can feed him. if anybody has suggestions/can link me a Redfoot meal table, please let me know! Thanks!


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Jul 16, 2014
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Currently I feed Mazuri 5M21 tortoise chow. Boiled, smashed whole chicken eggs and moist Nutro dog food. (That my dog eats) for protein.
What you use it up to you.
Protein only makes up just 5% to 10% of my REDFOOT diet.
Fruit makes up 50%-60%.
Then edible flowers, mushrooms, green leafy vegetables, cactus and cut vegetables.
There are probably thousands of items that a RF can eat.
There are going to be different things easy to find at different times of the year.
Make sure you use a wide variety.
Your humidity needs to be greater than 70%.
Temperature needs to be from 80 to 86.
You need a uvb source. Either actual sunlight or by a T5 5.0 strip florescent tube. Not a spiral or coiled bulb. Not by an MVB.
Heat needs to be from a CHE on a thermostat. Heating by incandescent bulb might also work to some extent. But RF do not like bright lights. And those lights also dry out the enclosure.
Open topped tortoise tables are not recommended for RF. They are nearly impossible for keeping in humidity. And if you just spray a lot, the wood will rot.
Their size is also small and will need to be upgraded in a few months.
I suggest you do a search if CLOSED CHAMBER ENCLOSURES and then decide on what would be best for your space, etc.
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Sep 29, 2018
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I give my forest tortoises an ounce of two of this raw dog food twice a week. PXL_20210319_135743573~2.jpg

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