Proud Tortoise Mom Moment!!


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Feb 25, 2020
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Hi all!

This morning I woke up and went directly upstairs to grab my little nugget. When I soak him, I usually put him in his soaking bowl while I shower. Super cute.

Today I walked upstairs and found Tortillini sitting in his saucer water bowl in his enclosure all on his own!! I’m not talking like he was walking through his saucer dish, in and out, but he was legitimately sitting there enjoying a soak on his own! Thinking back on it now I totally should’ve ran back downstairs and grabbed my phone to snap a pic. I watched him sit in there for another 5ish minutes and then he walked out. I’ve never caught him doing this before but this is why their water bowls should never be dry!

I still took him him out and gave him a little soak in his soaking bowl like I usually do because I can’t be sure how long he soaked himself, but I am soooo proud of him. Good work little one?

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