Red Eared Slider hatchlings shell rot!?


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Jun 2, 2014
Hello everyone. Very very new to this app. I downloaded it because I was
Told about it for some questions I might have... I use an Instagram for my turtles just to post pics daily & ask other turtle pages questions. I started getting confused on info given so now I'm here :)

Let's get to it. So I've had my red eared sliders for about a month & a half. (4/19/14) I had gotten them from a fair in town & they all seemed perfectly healthy. I just found one in my pond yesterday as well (6/1/14)

My question is ... The longer I've had my turtles I've noticed shell changes , such as white spots & the outlines of the shell are very dark dark black.. I have a tank for them I want to say about 20 gal? (Not sure was given to me) I have a filter , heater . Basking stump, & a light . As for the light I'm not so sure on if it's UVB / heat. I got it from the pet store a town away . (Living in tx very small town)

If anyone could help me that would be great. I did have a mini freak out & thought it was shell rot so I looked a video up on YouTube how to clear it quickly.. Needless to say I set them in water with peroxide for about 2 minutes & someone told me that was very bad for them so I took them out immediately. I'll post pictures of their shells now. (First two are when their shells looked normal ) ImageUploadedByTortoise Forum1401716978.158285.jpg ImageUploadedByTortoise Forum1401716989.523959.jpg Thanks again guys . -Marissa ImageUploadedByTortoise Forum1401716942.005910.jpg ImageUploadedByTortoise Forum1401716952.287466.jpg