Red Foot with dry flaking shell


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Feb 2, 2021
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British Columbia
Hi! This is my first time posting but I have been using TF for helpful info for ages.
I have a red foot named Tortellini, he is around 4 years old. I got him from a family friend (three months ago) so I have basically a full history for him which is great. He has some pyramiding from humidity issues as a baby but otherwise in good shape.

Tortellini had some pitting between his top scutes, dry and flakey, that was concerning me. Thought it might be fungus or shell rot. I took him to the herp vet and he said it was neither of those things, he said he had seen this before and that 90% of the time it isn't a big deal but couldn't give me a clear diagnosis/cause. They gave me iodide to dilute and brush on the shell for two weeks. I actually think it made it worse as now the flaking and dryness is on more parts of the shell.

He came with his table. Humidity is kept at 80-85% and temps around 80 F on warm side of table, I'm using cyprus mulch. His passed owner had him under a full spectrum light which I have switched to an Arcadia D3 Reptile 6% UVB tube bulb. There is also a heat bulb in the enclosure. Could the improper lighting be the cause? Could the heat bulb be too low and drying out the shell? I'm working on some enclosure updates as he has outgrown the current set up.

He gets a soak everyday and has fresh water in enclosure he can (and does) sit in but still looks really dry.
Tortellini is still active and eating well. Isn't bothered when I touch the shell. Would love to know if anyone has seen this before or any ideas how to get his shell nice and healthy again.
Thanks for your help!


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Jun 30, 2018
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All I see is some serious new growth and some mineral staining.
My eyes are pretty much crap. But I see nothing that'd concern me
Bet my eyes are crappier...
Why don't you try just a little olive oil just to moisturize some. I sure don't see anything to stress over...

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