Redfoot babies take 2 with pictures

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May 26, 2012
With the weather turning warmer I am getting close to being comfortable shipping babies. I have 2 yearlings sex unknown. They are healthy and good eaters eating mixed greens and Mazuri. I have one hatchling that will be for sale also but not till summer need to give it a couple months to make sure it is eating and growing. For the other two I will provide pictures and any information that you might want. One does have a split scutt on its shell but is otherwise healthy and happy. I am asking $50 for each and for the buyer to pay for shipping. I am located in Northern Virginia. I am not a breeder my tortoises are my pets and they sometimes do as wild things do and I do not have the room for more pets. This is not a business for me I would like them to go to someone who will keep them as a pet also. If you are interested or want pictures etc. please feel free to contact me.
Tyler Andersen


  • tort baby 2.jpeg
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