rehoming an adult sulcata 70lbs

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May 3, 2012
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Reno NV
Meet Crackers I am looking on finding him a new home do to a divorce. he is 12 years old and weights around 70 lbs. he loves to raom the yard and chile in the sun. I am not in a huge hurry to find the new home so dont be offended if I choose not to rehome him with you. I just want to make sure he has a great new home. he comes with a heated an insulated house that is built very well.
if interested please email ([email protected]) me a little about what kind of setup you have for him, if you could include a picture that would make me feel that much better.
we live in Reno NV


I have tried to load a picture of his house but can't, email me and I can send you a picture of it that way
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