Repashy Veggie Burger Mix


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Jun 25, 2024
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Alberta Canada
I feed my Hermann's the repashy veggie burger mix like little croutons on his food, but the mix apparently is having ingredient issues so it's scarce in stores. Is there a dupe that I can give him when my jar is empty?

Alex and the Redfoot

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Aug 21, 2023
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Veggie Burger has not optimal contents for herbivorous tortoises (like your Hermanns). So can be used as occasional treat. You may try Mazuri 5M21 (Original) pellets mushed with greens instead (it has non-optimal contents as well, but most tortoises love it and it's being used for a long time without issues by many keepers).

Repashy also has Grassland Grazer product - fiber/protein ratio and ingredients are better. However, your tortoise might refuse to eat it for a while (a common story with "optimal" foods). Also there are Mazuri LS and ZooMed Grassland pellets - good contents but tortoises often refuse to eat it. Yet they worth the efforts to introduce them.

Also, you can try "flower toppers" - they don't have all vitamins and minerals mixed in but provide a "food enrichment".