Russian Tortoise for Sale; North East England

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Mar 2, 2017
I'm sadly having to sell my Russian tortoise Minty.
Due to the pandemic I'm no longer employed and after months of job searching I'm no further forward and can't really afford to keep him any longer.
He's 5 years old and in perfect health. Still unsure as to his sex but I just call him, him.
Lights and fixtures are included in the price. He has a large table which is a little worse for wear but can be taken if wanted/needed (4ft by 2ft so if taking will need a vehicle large enough for this), there is also a spare wooden hut, alongside a wooden tunnel, fake plants, food slates etc.
I'm not comfortable with sending him anywhere in the mail and so collection or covid-safe meeting would be ideal.
I would ideally love someone with experience to take him so I know he will be in good hands.
I'm asking for £220.
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