Russian tortoise habitats with locking lids


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Nov 3, 2012
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Since I took this photo to show one of our members how I do locking lids, I figure I'd post this so others can also see. :) Each of the habitats is 10ft x 10ft (I have a total of 4 for RTs, plus one for my junior leopards, and the area around them is inhabited by an adult leopard tortoise).


I know the roofing metal isn't attractive... But we have termites here in AR so wood wasn't a good option. I have shade cloth hung at a slant so half of the habitat is shaded from the West in the afternoon.

Each lid is hinged and locks with a gate hasp. The hardware cloth has 1/2" squares and is held in place with screws and washers. The large area these are in have electric fencing to keep out raccoon and coyotes. We still see snakes and rats though... We have chickens and bunnies, too within the greater electric fenced area, too.


Each habitat has 1-2 water dishes, multiple hides (stone tunnels, half flower pots, coolers with door holes cut). They are heavily planted and have logs and rocks and hills and valleys. Half the time I can't find the tortoises...
Each of the 10ft x 10ft habitats houses 3 female Russian tortoises. Then I have an 8ft x 8ft one that houses juveniles and babies in one partition each, and one male on the other side. Plus another 10ft x 5ft for my other male. I keep the males separate except for brief Springtime encounters.


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