Russian Tortoise Respiratory Infection


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Sep 9, 2020
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Little Rock Arkansas
I’ve had my adult Russian Tortoise for almost two weeks from Arizona Tortoise Compound and he was very sick when he arrived (I emailed them and that’s another story). Snotty nose, sleeping all day, mucus, sneezing, etc. He eats normal (a lot actually), poops and urinates normal, but drinks his bath water sometimes.
Rushed to the vet Saturday and found the only vet that would see him and they gave him a shot of Baytril and he has oral antibiotics to take the next two weeks. We have been successful in giving them to him when he goes to take a big bite of greens.
We also do a 30-45 min hot bath out in the sun/shade once a day. Enclosure is 95F basking and 75F cool side. Humidity is 40-60%. How soon before we see improvement? Will the antibiotics clear up his infection? I am a nervous new owner.