Russians and a chicken?


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Jul 7, 2016
OMG so much misinformation about chickens. When in doubt, don't ask about chickens in a tortoise forum. Join and you will find everything you need to know. Let me try to correct some of the misinformation here.
1. Yes, correct, they are social animals and the advice rbcurdt gave of getting 2 or more is true. You can get one, but it would be impossible to dedicate enough time to socializing with them - they would be lonely.
2. The whole "eggs set for females" is a myth. There is no real evidence indicating you can tell gender from the look of an egg. There are certain mixed breed chickens that are "autosexing" or "sex-linked" meaning their gender is apparent at hatch.
3. Roosters do NOT impact laying whatsoever. Most egg farms do not have roosters, and their hen's lay enormous amounts. It's the breed of chicken, not the presence of a rooster. He simply fertilizes the eggs.
4. In small quantities, getting shipped chicks from a hatchery like McMurray is NOT a good idea. Ideally you can get chicks or laying hens from someone on Craigslist or at a farmer's market. Next choice would be a local hatchery. Then tractor supply. And finally, as a very last resort, shipped chicks.

Please PLEASE do your research before getting chickens. They aren't as simple as you think. spdtrtl, visit and start with the articles and introductory forums. You don't have to have an account to view forums, but must join to comment.

Please feel free to message me here or on about any chicken related questions.

Good luck!
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