Salad for My torts

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Aug 30, 2009
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Hello ya'll
Here's my winter diet for my 4 redfoots & 2 burmese browns .
1 bag mixed greens (collard.mustard.turnip) made by Glory .
1 Red bell pepper (seeds removed)
1 yellow crooked neck squash
1/2 carrot
10 pellets Mazuri tortoise diet
1/4 cup of zoo med forest tortoise food .
The pellets are soaked in water to allow moisture.
All veggies are put in a food processor & chopped really fine.
THe pellets are added to the salad & mixed in really well .
All this mixture is the put in a seal tight tupperware dish & refrigerated .
This salad is fed daily & last about 4 days .
My torts go crazy for this salad & doing very well on it .
The hardest part is grinding all this stuff up b/c i have a very small food processor but seeing the way my Torts gobble this up is worth the effort .
Mike .D
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