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Sea turtle found dead from spear through its head


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Nov 18, 2011
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Sea Turtle Found Dead with a Spear Through Its Head at a Florida National Park Prompting Manhunt


ASHLEY BOUCHERPosted on June 27, 2019 7:54PM
Authorities are asking for help from the public to catch the killer of a sea turtle that was found with a spear through its head.
The turtle was discovered earlier this week in Florida’s Biscayne National Park, which is located south of Miami in the Florida Keys.
“Biscayne National Park Marine Patrol Officers are investigating a poached sea turtle that was discovered with a spear shaft through its head,” the park said in an announcement on Facebook. “[emoji599] [emoji601] If you have any information about the poached sea turtle, please contact Biscayne National Park dispatch at 305-242-7740.”

The park included the hashtags “please report” and “keep biscayne beautiful” in the post.

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