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Should I be seeing live pinworms?!?!?


Oct 7, 2019
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Just wanted to give an update. Otsokrikri completed his second round of Meds this past weekend and I took a fecal sample into the Vet today. Got a call a little while ago that the sample was clear of parasites! Hooray! I’m planning to move him out of the enclosure tonight so I can get everything out and clean. He has NOT liked being on newspaper these past few weeks. Anything else I should ask the Vet?


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May 28, 2014
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Southern California
Ok, so I am freaking out a bit over here. I took my Hermann's to the vet Oct.10 for a general health appointment and found out he had two types of parasites; pinworms and some type of amobea. I was given two different medications for him; Pyrantel dewormer to take 3 days in a row then I will need to repeat in three weeks and then Metronidazole that he took five days in a row after the first dose of the Pyrantel. I believe I had seen some dead ones in his poop a few days after the first dose, but today I was soaking him and he pooped out a rather large looking live one:eek:. Horrible on my part, I never asked if I should have taken out all his substrate or if I should be seeing live worms. Should I be seeing live worms? Do I need to completely clean out his enclosure until he has finished his next round? I just started reading some older forum posts, but wanted to ask because I didn't see anything about live ones. Are they really that big??? Yuck!
Thanks for any help.
I'm still having nightmares about what came out of my Tortoises.