Sick Kleinmanni? Fishy poop


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Mar 25, 2020
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I recently got a 5cm Kleinmanni from a reputable store on Friday 20th. As of today Thursday 26th early AM, I noticed that the tortoise has not been eating. Barely eating maybe? From yesterday the 25th, she has been pooping something unusual and fishy smelling. It's yellowish in color (photo attached). So I decided to give her a soak and from the looks of it she seems ok (the last photo). She walks fine but she's sleeping all the time. I know they're not urates since it's very different.

I feed my Kleinmannis Repcal pellets and vegetables that are available locally here in Indonesia. ( and They are siomak and fumak. I can't seem to find the english name for the vegetables. And my other Kleinmanni (8cm male I think), are eating quite a lot. I have also tried feeding her the pellets that were fed to her in the store but she just steps on them and leave. But I notice she has been pooping normally every day (unless the yellow thing are not poop).

Does anyone have any idea what's wrong with her? I'm in the process of getting a new table for them as well. Thanks in advance for any advices!

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