Single Subject Case Study: Indian Star Tortoise Growth Rate


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Jun 28, 2021
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Hello everyone.

This is just the growth rate of a single subject case study of an Indian Star Tortoise (Al).

I was looking high and low for this kind of information when Al first came into my care and I hope this data will be helpful for future Indian Star owners.

Note that this is a single subject case study, different tortoise grows at different rates. I would think Al's growth rate is on the faster end since Al's siblings don't grow as fast as Al (they are roughly 3/4 size of Al)

Al hatched on 24th Jun, weighing at 21g.
Al is now 100.5g on 23rd Nov, 1 day short of 5 months old.

Additional data in case anyone is interested:

Grocery store greens (endives, chicory, shanghai green, jiu bai cai, xiao bai cai, etc --- I need more data for asian greens), random greens we grow (wheatgrass, radish greens, clover seeds, fenugreek seeds, etc)

Al stays in one of those portable greenhouses in a tub (temporary housing until we move next year). Every few weeks we bring Al to a friend's place for "sun tanning" (they have a big garden and that is where all Al's siblings stay at)

Temperature / Humidity:
Temperature ranges between 28+ (lowest at night) to 38+ degrees. Lights are on a thermostat with an auto-on-off when the temperature goes too high or low. I try to keep between 33 to 38 most of the time. Humidity is around 70% to 90% but typically around 80+%.

Al soaks twice a day for 20 minutes each time. Once in the morning and once in the evening.

DateWeight (g)W (mm)L (mm)H (mm)
24 Jun 202121
30 Jun 202122.9
1 Jul 202123.84045
2 Jul 202124.24045
5 Jul 2021254045
6 Jul 202124.54045
7 Jul 202125.34045
20 Jul 202131.1434829
4 Aug 2021445130
10 Aug 202144.851.631
6 Sep 202154.8495833.6
13 Sep 202156506035.4
3 Oct 202171.153.264.836.6
16 Oct 202175.655.167.538.3
8 Nov 2021915871.840
15 Nov 202195.158.972.241.2
23 Nov 2021100.559.272.541.4

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