Snake ate some Romain lettuce


May 1, 2021
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Hey there! I know this is a tortoise forum but I couldn’t find a snake forum! So today my snake accidentally ate a small piece of Romain lettuce! He’s about 6-7 inches long and ate a square of lettuce about a quarter-half inch piece! I was feeding our tortoises and I noticed he was out of water so I got his water and filled it up! But accidentally had a small piece of lettuce fall into his enclosure! As I went to pick it up he bit it! I tried to get it from him,but he wouldn’t let go! So I stopped thinking that he would just spit it out but he didn’t he actually started eating it! I knew he had a horrendous appetite but not that much! I had just fed him yesterday so there was no reason for him to do that


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Feb 27, 2020
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New Jersey
Snakes that eat worms, fish, slugs, mice and the like swallow the animals whole - that means that all of the undigested grains, seeds, nuts, and herbs in the stomachs get swallowed. Snake saliva and other digestive acids are very well able to manage those things.

It's a bit uncommon for a snake to strike at vegetation, but I'm guessing yours has gotten accustomed to things dropping in to be foods. Or the strike was territorial. Hot weather and high humidity make snake tempers hotter. lol

Gloves and/or a hook are probably a good idea when reaching into the habitat. Consider feeding your snake in some other container to try and curb the insta-strike response. Depending on the species, a snake bite on the hand or arm can be very hard to remove and very long to heal.

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