So, our furnace crapped out (Minnesota Sully)

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Dec 21, 2014
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Our furnace is old, possibly 40-ish years, and we knew it wouldn't last forever. I had them come out to look at it Monday because I just had a bad feeling about the way it sounded the last couple of weeks. Well, they red tagged it, which means no heat, no nothing until they could install a new one, which finally happened today. We live in Minnesota and the temps this week have varied from roughly 4 to 40.
My main concern was Odin. We have space heaters and the humans can wear more clothes, I can also bake (which I did) to warm up the house, but Odin was stuck in his basement room. Yes, yes, yes, he has his greenhouse, lights and his own space heaters, but still. I worried.
No need! The room didn't dip below 67, and his greenhouse low was 74.
Of course he is still p*ssed, but those of you familiar with Odin know that is pretty normal. :D
After the wormen left I gave him dinner and had to dig him out of his burrow so he would eat: 005.JPG

And, since I am taking pictures and posting, this is Odin today. His feeding saucer is 8 inches and his feeding box is @23 inches wide, so obviously he has grown a bit.006.JPG

His dinner is a bed of spring greens (store bought) tossed with greens from our indoor tortoise plants, topped with a few fresh squash flowers (grown in my dining room!), a nice chunk of opuntia fruit, and our own mix of dried tasty goodness from his summer garden soaked with a small handful of chopped mazuri.007.JPG

I called him an *sshole for refusing to eat after he noticed the camera and for having to dig him out of his burrow and this is the look I get.
He is as exasperating as always.008.JPG 009.JPG

The most important part is that, having a decent set-up made all the difference for us this week.
An electrical outage would have resulted in a more dramatic upset, but even in Minnesota a few days without house heat is not the end of the world.
Unless you are Odin. He is still SO angry!