South Houston 2 Red Foots for possible Adoption


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Sep 19, 2018
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Looking to home 2 red foots.

I’ve cared for a cherry head red foot for nearly 8 years, he is 12 years old now. I also have cared for another female cherry head red foot for 4 she is 8. I’ve recently been diagnosed with lung cancer and there’s a fair chance I’ll be unable to care for these two. Unfortunately these are animals I can’t reasonable expect anyone I know to take care. If anyone can put me into contact with anyone who potentially could care for these two or is interested themselves it'd be most helpful?

The female I don’t believe was supplied with much water when she was younger and her shell began pyramiding but I put a stop to that and other than that they’re healthy. They’re comfortable with people and well adjusted. Mostly leafy greens, with fruit, occasional mazuri and bimonthly protein source. Both strong and have had at a minimum of 18 sq foot roaming area inside during particularly rainey or cold months, and 50+ sq foot outside during warmer months.

I’m not yet certain I have to give them up, but I watched my father go from coherent and able to think for himself to completely unable to focus within a week when he was diagnosed so I’d like to be prepared and have options.

Not a big fan of mailing these two guys if i don't have to, so If anyone's around the So Texas or LA area and we could meet half way that'd be best. Again, i'm not sure if i have to give them up yet but If interested I'd like to know what kind of setup you've got for them.



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Apr 21, 2016
They are beautiful, I hope you don't have to give them up. I know my tortoises bring me so much joy and put me into almost a zen state as I take care of them. I also hope that you are beat the cancer quickly and make a full recovery!