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Sub-adult breeding pair of GREEN iguanas

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May 12, 2014
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South Florida

I am looking to rehome a sub-adult breeding pair of iguanas, one green and one red. The female is the best CB red I have ever seen, with a red stomach as well. The male was WC as a hatchling, "Florida locale". The female produced one massive clutch of 27 eggs this year with high fertility. She may be gravid. Both are in excellent health, with full spines, near-perfect toes and are always shedding. Fed a mixture of dark leafy greens, vegetables, Mazuri tortoise chow and occasional fruit. They always have access to graze on hibiscus leaves and flowers as well.

Both can be handled if necessary, but WILL claw and occasionally tail whip. They are not aggressive at all if left alone. These are amazing lizards, but best suited for a keeper with the understanding that they are not hands-on pets but more of a look-and-enjoy animal. They are ONLY suitable for an outdoor enclosure, and will only be rehomed to a keeper that can provide these facilities. The health and well-being of these animals is first and foremost.

New to iguanas, but interested? I encourage you to PM me to discuss if they will be suitable for you.

Rehoming fee of $150 for the pair. SOUTH FLORIDA LOCAL ONLY. Please PM me for more information.

*I have a Class 3 license issued by Florida Fish and Wildlife authorizing me for the public sale of captive reptiles.
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