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Jul 4, 2015
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Yuba City, CA
Dozer is 4 and 18.5 lbs. He had been outside for over a year now. We just built a new bigger house. Insulated walls, radiant heater, smoke detector (just in case) back up CHE's. Heater is on a digital thermostat set at 70 degrees now that the weather is cooling down. It's working great. We are in Northern California. Temps in upper 50s at night right now. Mid 80s in the day. He has a 30ftx30 ft fenced in grassy area with shallow soaking pond.

My questions are:. 1. The floor in his house is vinyl peel & stick tile for easy cleaning. Should I add moist orcid bark for humidity? Humidity is 40-50% right now.

2. Are there any plants like fountain grasses etc that I can add to his pen for asthetics and hiding spots for him that he won't destroy? Maybe keep them potted? I did add a grape vine this summer he has not destroyed... Any ideas or suggestions?

Sorry I don't have pics on my phone. You can see them on IG. @dozer_the_tortoise

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