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Aug 21, 2014
Good evening everyone!

I have a sulcata hatchling that we've had for a couple of weeks. We live in Phoenix, so it's pretty hot right now and monsoon season. We are in the process of building a tortoise table for little Batman/Batgirl (depending on which kid you're talking to), and remodeling our backyard. We have an area where we have removed a tree and are planning on making this a small outdoor area for him, with some sort of screen for a top to prevent him from being cat or bird food. :(

We are wanting to grow some food in there, so he can graze. He's done it already while being outside, and will chomp random weeds and grass indoors and out (already mostly off a mainly grocery store diet!), so it would be awesome to have lots of treats growing for him. Any recommendations on types or brands? Ive attached pics for an idea of the area. The border is the same size, though we are keeping the tree in this ring. And we will be making the soil more appropriate as well.


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I would also make sure to keep him inside at night in a humid hide. The piece of brick you have for him to go under, be careful he can't climb out. You might be amazed at how these tortoises can climb. I would also be very careful having him outside all day with your high temps. The brick may actually act as a oven. They can over heat very quickly. Incase you havent seen them yet, please read Toms threads below for raising a healthy, smooth sulcata.