Sweet Male RT with table and ALL supplies in SW WA for $75

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Nov 3, 2012
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This sweet male RT needs a home!

I'm posting this for my friend Carrie. Her family needs to find a new home for their sweet old-man-tort, Mo. He has been with them a little over 2 years, but he is actually estimated to be somewhere between 60 and 80 years old! He has a lovely DARK shell that is very smooth from age. Pictures are posted below.

He comes with EVERYTHING he needs: a nice 3ft x 4ft tortoise table, UVB light and heat lamp with fixtures, a hide, a water bowl, a cement paver for basking, TNT and calcium supplements etc. - they are asking $75 for the tortoise, the table, and all the supplies.

Mo is healthy, and is confirmed by fecal exam to be parasite free (he was treated when he first was adopted). He has cataracts due to old age, but he gets around just fine. He loves being hand-fed, and has been soaked regularly. They are re-homing him because the kids have lost interest, and they have decided that tortoises are not the right fit for them.

Mo and his set-up are located in Vancouver, WA, just across the river from Portland, OR. This would be a wonderful family tortoise for anyone willing to drive to get him.

I've attached some pictures of him and the set-up he comes with.

If you are interested, please send me a PM, and I will forward the conversation to the owner.

The final decision of who gets Mo will be up to his owner. If you contact me via PM then I can give you her email address an phone number.



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