TankGirl and Embers explored the garden

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May 17, 2017
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The weather has been warm and sunny, almost like summer even if it's just late spring. I decided that it was warm enough in the sun for TankGilr and Embers to be allowed outside so they could soak up some sun and have some grass to graze on.

Well... it didn't turn out the way I had expected, and I assume that's because redfoots like to hide in the shade, being forrest dwellers and all?

Embers found the garden toolbox-stool to hide under. No grazing.

TankGirl went under some bushes, did some nibbling on some weeds and went for the fence to explore some more. I had to pull her back, and she went straigt back... stubborn girl!
I moved her from those bushes and then she found the hazel bush and decided that was OK to be under as well. It's easier to access from all sides for me, so I think I'll turn that corner of the garden into a redfoot safe place.

My garden is small. The entire thing would make a perfect redfoot enclosure, I just don't know how to easily turn a puppy-safe hedge into a tortoise safe one. There is some chicken net all around, somewhat embedded into the hedge, that me and my aunt put in when I and my hubby moved in. It was to make it possible for my aunt to leave her small dogs with us at times. Then it was perfect for our own whippets once we got them, and it does trap cats inside for the whippets to go at... the cat panicked and din't see the garden gate at first... scramble scramble in panic with the whippets chasing it.

But, it isn't TankGirl or Embers safe. They can dig and push and climb.

I bought some of those plastic "look like wood or stone" garden side "fences". They are easy to install, but it turns out TankGirl is big enough to climb over them. I don't really want them in the flower beds, bulldozering over my flowers.

I guess I'll have to figure something out, but since they don't like to soak in some sun, I can't just put them in the middle of the grass with a fence around them.

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