The wonderful Carol S!


Mar 20, 2020
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Denver, Colorado
After the passing of my first tortoise, Louie, I was devastated. I had no idea how sick he was, let alone that he would die so soon. So, when he passed, I realized that I really wanted a new tortoise, especially one that I knew was healthy. When I asked on this site, everyone told me to get into contact with Carol S, so I did.

I am amazed at how well everything went with the sale of my tort, Noodles (russian). Carol was so kind and answered all my questions, as well as gave me regular updates on how my tortoise was doing. The shipping price was much cheaper than I expected since I live pretty far away from where she hatches the babies, and when Noodles arrived, they were packed very safely in a warm box.

After soaking Noodles for about 15 minutes, he perked up and began to explore his new home. I was so worried that he wouldn't eat what I got him, but thanks to Carol starting them on a diverse diet, Noodles had no trouble eating. Noodles is basically everything I'd hoped, all thanks to Carol S.

So, if anyone on here is looking to purchase a hatchling, I strongly recommend the amazing Carol S! 20200805_110632.jpg
-Gracey and Noodles

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