Things To Know When Buying A Sulcata

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Sulcata tortoises start out like all other tortoises, tiny and adorable. Please do your research into this species of tortoise before you buy one on impulse. A Male sulcata has the potential to grow to 150lbs, females can get to 100lbs (but are usually 60 to 80lbs) and they DO NOT hibernate. They can be kept indoors while they are very young, but as they get bigger, it is pretty hard to contain them indoors. And they do grow fast. It is best if they are set up outside with access to a heated shed for cold weather. A large Sulcata has been known to break holes in your walls, knock stucco off the side of the house, move your lawn furniture and dig 20 foot long burrows.
If you have a large enough area for this size tortoise, then your rewards will more than likely out weigh the many pitfalls. They are a very personable tortoise and can be almost dog-like in their treatment of their human.
The most important thing to remember is this is a pet that is for a lifetime. A lifetime commitment. They live for over a hundred years with proper care. You will need to leave a Sulcata in your will to another responsible keeper. Are you up to the task? Be honest with yourself. It’s not a responsibility to be taken lightly.
Use this link and read about keeping Sulcata...then make up your mind...

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