Think about buying tortoises from a reputable breeder

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May 19, 2012
My name is Annette, and I keep Egyptian tortoises since more than 8 years and breed them successfully. I have hatched so far 124 little ones.
Egyptian tortoises are endangered species and should be considered as very special. They are very sought after and I sell them happily with helping to set up the husbandry if liked. I might be picky with buyers but there is a reason for it. The buyer and the tortoise should be happy and enjoy them for a long time. Since they are so sought after they get as other tortoises flipped to make BIG BUCKS. Fauna Classified offers my Egyptian tortoises stated as female, you can say this only when they are 2 years of age for $3000 per animal and they are meanwhile stressed from being flipped 2 times already. The new buyer is the 3rd place they go.
It impacts the health of them.

BUY FROM REPUTABLE BREEDERS as I'am and the price is also lower. I'm interested that people breed this species.

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