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Sep 9, 2023
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I wanted to share more pictures of Tiny, our foundling. He wandered right up to our front door on September 7th so it’s been almost one month of caring for him. There is still an egg tooth so I’m guessing we are somewhere between 5-7 weeks old? I read the egg tooth normally goes away around 6 weeks.

He was 37g on 9/9 and this morning weighed in at 50g.

His dining has included romaine, turnip greens, mustard greens, spring mix, bok choy and collard greens (didn’t care for those 2), leaves and stems from squash and zucchini plants, as well as some purslane and chopped oat grass from my backyard and occasionally tiny pieces of cactus pad. We use calcium powder once a week and since 9/21 he also gets one pellet of zoomed grassland soaked and mixed into his pile every day (he is still not impressed by this addition to his meals).

I have planted the irrigated horse pasture mix from Peaceful Valley Seeds as well as romaine, mustard greens, and cucumbers for the leaves but none of that is ready yet.

We do live in the hot desert of southern AZ so I don’t know how long he was outside dry for. The day after we found him I learned about soaking so he has been soaked every single day. I’ve only seen him drink water intentionally once or twice. He poops firm, wet stool every day. I have only seen him pee three times, twice with loose urates in a soak and once without urates in his food bowl.

We did start him with a mercury vaper bulb and no top on his aquarium. I ditched the MVB quickly but locally I could only find BR30 heat bulbs at ace so we used that for another couple weeks and I finally got some 65w flood bulbs from Amazon that took forever, but that’s what we are using now for basking. I have a CHE on a thermostat set to 80, his basking side is 98-102 usually.

Obviously it was too dry with no top, which I think contributed to some pyramiding already. My husband thinks I’m too paranoid and thinks he is fine but I feel like I can see it. Humidity was 50-60% originally but I have a greenhouse top and it keeps it at 80%. But it was dryer for the first couple of weeks and I feel terrible. I went through about 10 pages so far on the “end of pyramiding” hoping to find healthy growth progress for other babies to compare to around his age/size but didn’t really see any.

So here’s some pictures attached of our little Tiny! The first two (sidewalk & container) are from the day he was found, the other four are from today.


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May 19, 2015
Congratulations on Tiny

He is beautiful.

Ernie 🐢 & Amanda
He is really lovely -I am not an expert, but I think if he does have any very minor pyramiding (which I couldn't see) that it will all blend into his shell anyway, as he grows.
Best wishes from Angie

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