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Tort-Stork Insta-Hatch egg #59 & #60 and 3 Cherryheads


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Mar 28, 2019
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Hi first I wanna start by introducing myself since this will be my first post on the forum. The name is Ivan. So let me just jump right into this. Couple of months ago I was scrolling through Fauna classifieds and I came across A for sale post by Randy from Tort-Stork about a Insta-Hatch Egg. So my curious self clicked on the ad and proceeded to read about this phenomenal experience that Randy has to offer. So I contacted Randy via email and within 30 mins I had a reply. So Randy and I started to chat and exchange conversation he answered every question that I had. So I made decision to purchase a Sulcata egg. So I continue to keep in contact with Randy and asking him questions. So after a while of talking with Randy I decided to switch my purchase and told myself if you’re going to do this go big or go home so I decided to get a Western Hermanns from the Madonie region. So as I patiently waited for the right date to come that the eggs would be ready to be shipped I kept in contact with Randy and...well to keep it short and simple I ended up purchasing three cherry heads and another Western Hermanns egg. [emoji23] Also Purchased 2 Moroccan Greek eggs(which we’re waiting for them to be due to ship).

So the window to ship the western Hermann eggs out had arrived so on 4/22/2019 he shipped 2 Western Hermann eggs and 3 Cherry heads. They arrived on 4/23/2019. When I open the box it was full of company logo stickers and magnets. The packaging was superb, the eggs were so well packed and protected you could tell they hadn’t rolled not one bit during transit. The Cherry Heads blew me away when I saw them the quality was phenomenal And I their health was A++. As I put the cherry has to the side so I can get the eggs situated into the Incubator I saw that #60 was already hatching and #59 had already piped. So I proceeded to follow the instructions in the Care guide I received from him. After getting them set up in the incubator the experience only got better.

You see, I suffered a spinal cord injury almost 3 years ago That left me a complete quadriplegic with No sensation or function from collarbone down. I’ve been keeping and breeding reptiles all my life for as long as I can remember mainly lizards and snakes. So after my injury I gave up all my animals because I thought everything was over for me. But then one day After the injury a friend brought over a gecko for me to hold and interact with. At that moment I realized how much joy it brought me and how therapeutic it was for me And that my love and passion for reptiles Had not died despite my injury. So basically what I’m getting at and trying to say is that after being through everything I’ve been through I found out my passion and drive was still there but this time a lot bigger. Now I invest my time and energy into these animals to help me get through every day life. So with all that being said I’ll get back to the Insta-Hatch Eggs. So within an hour or so #60 had completely hatched out the egg. This amazing to watch. It made me feel good I’m so limited to things I can do, so was definitely a great accomplishment thanks to Randy. So once I saw It was completely out of the egg I proceeded to follow the next directions on the guide. when I picked it up I saw that It had no egg sack so I got concerned until Randy that was what he called a perfect hatch. So Randy stayed in touch throughout the day as I kept checking on #60 and #59(which there had been no change). On the following morning I receive the incubator to see if there was any change with #59 And to my surprise they had any been any change. I was a little bit concerned He assured me that everything was fine that it was just adjusting to the oxygen and absorbing the rest of the yolk in the sack. So I continue to check on them throughout the day and #60 Who was doing great and adjusting to the world was starting to shape up nicely. So finally sometime in the afternoon #59 popped his head out! I was so relieved and excited so at this point I was keeping an eye on the incubator I was checking on it about every 15 to 20 minutes (without opening the incubator)just because I didn’t want to miss any of the hatching part. So this little gal was taking her sweet little time to come out. So right about 9:40 PM that night I went to check on the incubator and saw that it was completely out of the egg. I was amazed I got to see it is happened twice. And I got to see the difference in the two one was darker than the other it was just an awesome experience. So I left them in the incubator for the next few days like the instructions in the guide had explained. I soaked them on the third day. And they started eating right after this soak. So I had set up a closed chamber how Randy had instructed me and had it ready to go. I consulted with Randy about moving the hatchlings over to the tub and he gave me the OK. They quickly started to explore and eat the pieces of spring mix I had spread around for them to eat. We stayed in touched and not once was there a question he didn’t answer. The Cherryheads are doing phenomenal in a outdoor tortoise box I had setup for them. Some of the best cherryheads I’ve seen around. They’re very active and lovable!!

So if I was you I wouldn’t hesitate to try this and contact him He’s a very down to earth guy and very transparent. Thanks to him and this wonderful experience he has to offer I have more joy and more to look forward to in my life. Having a SCI occur at 25 (27 now) with a wife and 2 year old son has been the hardest thing I’ve faced in life and these beautiful animals have changed that. Thank you again to Tort-Stork!!! I hope a stork will be visiting you soon and we get to hear all about it!

A+++++ Some of the best customer service I’ve had in a very long time!



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Jun 12, 2018
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Tucson, AZ
Welcome to the Forum!...and the "Insta-Hatch" Family! [emoji6] Thank you for sharing your story. It's easy to see how much passion you have for life, your family, and the reptiles! And your little hatchlings are absolutely beautiful! I'm looking forward to updates and photos to see how they grow [emoji173][emoji217]

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