Tortoise character in the main-stream comics

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I'm not going to scroll through 168 pages of thread postings, just to see if someone else has already posted about this before.
So I thought I'd just post it anyway.

As a life-long lover of the newspaper funny pages (the term dates me, I know.), there have always been comics using animals as its central characters.

But I have never seen one with a Tortoise (and he takes offense at being called a turtle!) taking on the position as a main supporting character, until now.

I draw your attention to the comic series "Little Dog Lost". A nationally syndicated comic strip that was started on March 26 2007, by Steve Boreman.

The base story here is about a little dog that gets lost in the wilderness, and his interactions with other creatures in nature. His first contact with the native wildlife is with a vulture sitting on a telephone pole at a road the dog is trying to cross. A situation in which the vulture responds by telling the dog, " I'll let you know when you should cross...".

Shortly after this, the dog encounters a tortoise, who was also being given 'helpful' advice by the vulture. The two become friends and traveling companions.
I know, I know, I know, I know,.... the whole dogs and tortoises issue, but this is the comics, so let's see if we can still suspend reality for a bit, like we did when we were children, and just enjoy some humor.

Here's a strip shortly after their introduction.

The Tortoises name is Vernon, and quickly becomes a star in his own right in the series.

If you were a fan of Bloom County and Calvin and Hobbes, you will soon be reminded of the same type of wit and humor that they had.

I could go on, but I just wanted to let tortoise-lovers know that a tortoise has entered the ranks of such characters as Charley Brown's Linus, Calvin's Hobbes, Dagwood's Blondie, and many other classic comic teams, although they sometimes switch sides in their Laurel & Hardy roles.

The link I put starts you early in the series. Character development in progress. Read todays strips and see the results. Vernon the Tortoise

I hope you like it. I know some won't. Don't shoot the messenger.

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